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Based on Developmental Kinesiology, Vojta Therapy is a manual therapy technique designed to stimulate zones of support in the body, essentially activating the involuntary reflexes of the Brain and Spinal cord.


Our body has inherent reflexes built into the system for our protection and injury prevention, which is why; you may have noticed the speed with which you can move your arm back when you touch something hot or when you lift your leg up when you step on that Lego piece. 

Our Vojta trained therapist, thorough the activation of partial or global motor patterns, generate involuntary activation of the muscular system to correct dysfunction, and retrain the system to work in correct patterns of movements.


Therapists are trained to apply direction and force specific pressure, which the brain recognizes as an inborn physiological movement and generates a set response to the stimulus with well-coordinated movements of the trunk and extremities. This will help improve both motor and sensory systems which in turn improves locomotion/movement.

Developed in the 1950s by Dr. Vojta, he initially applied these techniques to improve/restore movements in children with Cerebral Palsy. Today, this technique is applied to various orthopedic diagnosis in children and adults. 

To know more about Dr. Vojta and his techniques

References: https://www.vojta.com/en/the-vojta-principle/profvvojta


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