Sahrmanns Approach at Physis Physical Therapy


“Movement is the activity that every patient with musculoskeletal impairment wants to resume without pain and restriction”


Dr. Sahrmann based her approach to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal dysfunction, on the identification of incorrect movement patterns and their correction.  


With your daily routine, your body establishes a pattern of motion, that reinforces relative hypermobility, so the joint which you use repeatedly moves more and more, while other joints become hypomobile (decreased mobility).


Acute pain is caused by a sudden improper movement which causes damage to the muscle, joints, or tendons; resulting in pain. So if you were walking in high heels and suddenly turned in your ankle, you are likely to put an excessive stretch on one side of your ankle ligament, causing pain.


Chronic pain can be caused by cumulative microtrauma resulting from repeated improper movements. So if you kept pitching with wrong techniques, using the wrong muscles, these muscles will undergo wear and tear, eventually resulting in pain.


Multiple muscles work together as a unit to complete a movement. Once you identify incorrect movements, you have to implement a treatment plan to correct the whole pattern, instead of isolated “strengthening” of a single muscle.


Exercise is ineffective until it corrects movement at the painful joint, producing the desired pattern of movement in nearby joints as well.


Here at Physis PT and Rehab, our therapists will administer an evaluation to identify dysfunction in the “movement system” and the many contributing factors to the impairment, developing a plan to rehabilitate proper movement patterns across multiple muscle groups/joints to help you get rid of your pain and back to the activity of your choice.


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