The Sacroilliac joint (SIJ) is located at the base of your lumbar spine (low back). This joint is made of the sacrum (part of your spine) and 2 ilium bones on either side of the sacrum. Each ilium moves independently of the other in response to your leg and trunk movements. Dysfunction in this area can be caused due to hypermobility (excess movement at the joint or instability), improper ilium and sacrum alignment or hypomobility (lack of mobility). It can result in uneven weight distribution from the low back into the legs, resulting in "pinching" pain when walking or results in a limp when you try and walk. 

Common Symptoms you may experience

  • Limping when walking due to pain

  • One sided pain with sitting or inability to sit evenly on both buttocks

  • Pain when rolling in bed

  • Feeling pain at the hip and into the thigh

  • Buckling or instability in the legs with feeling of "giving out"

  • Twisting/pivoting on the leg

  • Increase in pain due to intercourse

SIJ pain  can be extremely debilitating and can refer pain into your low back, hips and thighs and knees. It can result in difficulty sleeping, rolling in bed, sitting, standing, bearing weight on the affected side, walking, going up/down steps, running, jumping and getting in/out of cars, chair or bed. Due to the location of the joint, it is often misdiagnosed as pathology of low back or hip. 

How we can help you

Here at Physis PT and Rehab, our therapists are experts in differential diagnosis. They will conduct a detailed interview to identify the source of dysfunction, administer a functional assessment to identify impaired muscle activation patterns, developing a rehab plan to correct pain and eventually prevent reoccurence. 


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