Pre Pregnancy

Rehabilitation pre-pregnancy can help prepare your body by strengthening your abdominals, pelvic floor muscles, arms and leg muscles and increase your endurance so you can maintain better health, energy levels and strength during your pregnancy. 

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy results in muscular and skeletal changes in the body of the women, as it adjusts to the growing fetus. Some of the common complaints include fatigue, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling at your hands), tendonitis, joint pain, scaitica (radiating symptoms into the legs), Sacroiliac Joint pain (SIJ) and diastesis recti. Here at Physis PT and Rehab we help and develop a plan of care to abolish pain, regain strength, core stabiility and educate you on proper management techniques to maintain your symptoms and regain painfree sitting, standing, walking and ability to participate in work and household activities.

Post Pregnancy 

Rehabilitation post pregnancy and can help restore abdominal strength, lost/decreased after abdominal muscles get stretched to adjust the growing baby, decreased Sacroiliac joint pain, low back pain, sciatica, regain pelvic floor strength and learn proper lifting/carrying techniques so you can enjoy engaging with and caring for your newborn. 


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