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How Often Should You Do Physical Therapy

So, you have a diagnosis, you have your choice of physical therapy options and now you are ready to start treatment. However, you are wondering how often should you really be doing physical therapy.

Think of physical therapy exercises as a form of prescription exercise for your body, very much like the medications we get prescribed. After an exam, your doctor determines the best dosage of medication, your therapist will also determine the optimal prescription of treatment based on the needs of your body.

Once you are evaluated by your therapist, they will determine the degree of limitation or pain and establish a treatment plan for you. Prescription of the treatment is also based on the stage of your injury and your limitations.

How Often Should You Do Physical Therapy

If you have severe limitations in your movements or present with significant pain, an appropriate prescription would be 3 times a week. This gives your therapist an opportunity to work more often with you to reduce your and help you move better.

Once you begin to move better and do not have as much pain, your therapist provides guided treatment designed to rebuild the injured area. You may initially work with your therapist 3 times a week, gradually stepping down to 2 times a week. At this time, it is imperative you take charge of your program, following up with the prescribed home exercises to support the treatments you have in therapy. This will help in long lasting relief. Your therapist may advise you to resume some of your gym and sport activities as well.

Towards the later stages of your treatment, you may see the therapist once a week or once every two weeks until you have achieved all the goals you had set for yourself.

The start of this process, is an honest discussion with your therapist about the goals you wish to achieve through the treatment since your care begins Day 1 of your introduction to therapy.

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