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Physis PT and Rehab offers orthopedic and sports rehabilitation to those seeking to correct the root of their pain. Dr. Pandya uses American and European manual therapy techniques, in one on one treatment settings, to provide effective care and relief that carries over even after you have completed your course of therapy. Some treatment approaches are:

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization ​

Based on Neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation techniques, which activates the  deep stabilization system of the body through joint centration, support and correct breathing patterns.

Vojta Therapy 

It is a neuromuscular retraining technique, based on developmental kinesiology, it activates the deep stabilization system through the activation of different zones of support in the body. 

Sahrmann's Approach​

It focuses on recognizing and treating muscle activity across multiple joints as it relates to each other, during active movement.

Jandas Approach​

Based on Functional Movement Pattern, it is a holistic approach to treat musculoskeletal injuries by activating chains of muscle systems in your body instead of treating a single muscle.

Hesch Method​

It is manual therapy technique to assess and treat the Sacroliliac Joint (SIJ). It corrects the most common SIJ dysfunctional patterns with the use of exercises and positions. 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a non-invasive, alternative treatment technique, which traces its roots into the ancient times. Special cups are placed on the skin, which then helps create negative pressure and suction force.

Mobilization with Movement

Therapists apply pain free hands on manual treatment, combined with active movements to improve degree of movement and pain during movement​. It can also be taught as a self treatment method at home.

Trigger point Therapy 

It is a hands on technique to release a tight area on a muscle tissue, which is responsible for producing pain in the muscle as well as areas around the muscles. On releasing the muscle, relief in pain can be immediately noted along with better movement.

Taping Techniques

Taping with Kinesiotape and McConnell tape, can help support muscles and bony structures. Taping can be specifically used to target a group of muscles and encourage proper amount of activation thus providing relief from pain and disability. 

McKenzie Method

It is a Mechanical Diagnostic Technique (MDT) designed to assess and treat musculoskeletal problems of the spine and extremities. It emphasizes active patient movements and self management.

Mulligan Approach

Therapists apply painfree manual joint repositioning techniques to restore motion and getting rid of pain.