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Originating from “Prague School of rehabilitation” DNS is an integrated approach to treat the stabilizing system of the whole body. It focuses on “motor control” which is developed in the early years of life and continues to govern your movements and actions at all ages. It re-establishes the locomotor function of your body, essentially treating your body as an unit working together. 

You need this stability to:

  1. to execute a safe purposeful movement

  2. Allow multiple muscle groups to work together in a chain rather than individually 

  3. Understand how a problem/dysfunction in one area affects the quality of movement in other areas.

What does DNS do

  1. It gives us a set of tests to administer

  2. analyze the quality of movement, stability and function

  3. Find the KEY area of dysfunction/problem


Once the problem is identified using this system, the therapist can develop a plan involving posture, movements and positions customized to your diagnosis to be pain free.


The ultimate goal is to teach the patient to maintain this control and stability beyond therapy to prevent return of the pain or affect other areas of the muscle chains.


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