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Anatomy In Motion (AIM)

Who is Gary Ward?

Gary Ward is a famous sports therapist, personal trainer, and lecturer from the UK who invented “The Flow motion Model”. His work and methods are unique in a way that addresses the imbalance in the muscles while they are in use, i.e. during movement. He has studied the mechanics of foot and ankle when walking and their impact on the entire body. As a result of his work, clinicians are able to treat patients with faster and long-lasting results.


What is anatomy in Motion (AIM)?

Anatomy in motion is based on the “Flow Motion Model”, which is, description of what the body does and when it does it. Based on the model, a clinician can examine the movements at the ankle and the foot to eliminate pain and improve performance. To further simplify, improper alignment in the foot can influence the body and, vice versa, improper alignment in the body will impact how you put your foot on the ground. Treatment involves improving body alignment and foot/ankle movements, without the use of orthotics, to heal and eliminate pain.


How does it help me?

Our bodies have an amazing capability to adapt to the stresses placed on it. So, when you are not aligned properly, there will be adjustments and compensations occurring throughout your body to allow you to do the movements you want to do. For example, if there is a lack of movement or pain in one joint, other joints will compensate by increasing the amount of their movement to help you finish your activity. Over time, these compensations can worsen as a result of which you have to sacrifice doing the painful activity completely. 


AIM is about the flow of communication between all joints and muscles. The goal is to restore mobility, balance, and alignment throughout the body. Through the coupling of movements, clinicians help patients make an active change at the level of the muscles, joints, and the brain as well. The best part is this is an active process and once you learn the proper positions and movements, your clinician can give you exercises at home, so you can take charge of your treatment.


AIM methods can help improve sports performance, help recover from surgeries or injuries, address complaints of tightness and weakness.

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