Balance is a finely tuned system which operates on Sensory input and Motor output. There are 3 primary areas of sensory input; Vision, Proprioception (awareness of joint position) and Vestibular system (inner ear). Information gathered by these three receptors send information to your brain which then activates certain groups of muscles to maintain your stability and prevent a fall. For Example, if you are standing on two legs versus standing on single leg. Your balance system helps you from falling and injuring yourself from simple activities like getting out of bed, stepping of a curb to walking a tightrope or juggling.  

Balance can be affected by aging, changes/injuries to vision or vestibular system, depression, dizziness, history of falls, medications, musculoskeletal diseases, neurological diseases or prolonged inactivity. These changes ultimately result in dysfunction in your balance system. You may note instability, needing to reach out to walls or furniture for support, loss of balance, repeated falls and difficulty walking or standing on uneven surfaces. The most dangerous aspect of this is falls. Falls can result in substantial injuries which can lead to further disability. It is important to recognize this dysfunction and correct it.

Here at Physis Rehab and PT, we will administer a comprehensive evaluation to assess each aspect of your balance system with systematic testing, and design a plan to train and rehabilitate the system to successfully help you in your daily function. 


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