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Dr. Sunny Pandya, PT, MS, DPT

“He who treats the site of pain is often lost - Karel Lewit”

Any type of neuromuscular or skeletal injury in one area of our body can have its manifold effects on other body parts causing pain or restricted movements, and if this is not attended to appropriately on time and in a right manner such pain or impaired movement may possibly last for over a long period of time and may even cause a degenerative effect on other areas of our body.

Well, here’s where Dr. Pandya's expertise and excellence as a physical therapist come into action. His treatment techniques such as DNS, Vojta therapy, Lewit method, Janda's approach, Hesch Method, Sahrmann's approach are just the few of the many that comes into play.

​Since Dr. Pandya received his Masters in Advanced Athletic Training and Sport Science and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University, he has had extreme hands-on experience of successfully treating hundreds of patients at various physical therapy clinics. 

Dr. Pandya’s expertise in Dynamic Neuromuscular Techniques and his continuously enhanced progressive knowledge in the field of physical therapy inspired him to replace the currently widespread conventional treatment practices by techniques that would restore one’s mobility in an effective manner and shortest time ever. He is in his practice with the vision that along with physical therapy, a blend of positive constructive approach to the mind is the key to put one back on his feet.  

​In his 10+ years of career as a physical therapist, Dr. Pandya has successfully treated hundreds of patients and athletes ranging from minor league baseball players, golfers, professional dancers, runners, gymnasts, weightlifters and professionals from all walks of life, including some doctors too. Sounds surprising doesn’t it? But yes, doctor’s too need to be treated by other doctors.

Dr. Pandya. has the credit of bringing high improvement results in cases of some patients who had previously taken treatment at other clinics and had failed improvement history, often mistakenly labeled as "failed cases".

Dr. Pandya’s patients appreciate his ability to quickly identify the root cause of the problem and provide individually customized treatments to put them back on their feet which in turn improves their quality of life. 


Dr. Tom Oddo, DC, CSCS

Dr. Tom Oddo is a chiropractor and affiliate practitioner at our grand central location.  He believes that the key to solving musculoskeletal conditions is to combine cutting edge rehab techniques with comprehensive patient education to create a treatment plan that addresses everything from the way you use your body to the way you understand it. His goal is to obtain fast, lasting results that empower his patients to help themselves to be free to move and live better every day. 


Dr. Oddo earned his Doctor of Chiropractic New York Chiropractic College, where he was a member of the Phi Chi Omega Honors Society and worked as a teaching assistant and tutor. He conducted his undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts with Honors and was a captain of the wrestling team.  


Dr. Oddo continues to stay up-to-date with post-graduate seminars in gait analysis, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and sports performance.  Dr. Oddo is an evidence-oriented practitioner, utilizing the most current therapies and techniques to provide the highest quality care to his patients. He specializes in musculoskeletal pain in all areas of the body. 


In his spare time, Dr. Oddo remains active by competing in powerlifting.